Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

From: “benjamin juta” <benjaminjr.juta@gmail.com>
Date: Dec 25, 2014 2:47 PM
Subject: Wolf in sheep’s clothing
To: <nicanor2578@gmail.com>

Dear Mr. Nicanor Antonio,

       Greetings to the minister I respected well. I have read your email and I was moved by your message. I’m also giving you my full consent to share this email. I know that i am not alone in this predicament. now, I just want to ventilate my long time sentiment leading towards my unfortunate and untimely suspension.

       I haven’t been visited by preaching elder Mr. Kirk Macdonald for the last 9 months. But when I last attended the sabbath services on Feb. 22, 2014, some of the brethren handed me some cash assistance which found later that it came to the knowledge of Mr. Macdonald. Some brethren gave cash assistance to help me attend FOT 2014 because he did not allow me to attend the previous feast due to financial reasons.

       On Monday, Feb. 24, 2014, I received a text message from Mr. Macdonald that he would visit me. On that same day, the deacon Mr. Alvin Cruz confirmed the visitation and asked me if I have prepared already a safe parking space for Mr. Macdonald’s Toyota Fortuner. So I thought they would visit me the next day and they would like to know my situation out of brotherly love and concern. but to my surprise, 15 minutes after I received the text message, they were already knocking at my door.

      Upon sitting, Mr. Macdonald immediately asked me if it’s true that I have been receiving cash assistance from the brethren. Then I realized the inner motive of their visit revolves around money. So I answered him yes and feeling insulted, I showed him all the money given to me by the brethren which I kept as savings for the FOT 2014 since he did not allow me to attend the previous feast. Then I told him to count them. To my utter shock and amazement, which I did not really expect, he took the money from my feeble and shaky hands, in the presence of Mr. Cruz, and counted the money and after counting he said, “that’s a lot of money” while shaking his head in utter dismay.

     Then he asked me this question, ” have you really repented? I have seen that you’re doing nothing and you have no job for a long time”(paraphrasing). Then he asked more basic questions and when I refused to answer him, he immediately called his “daddy”. While this talking to his daddy, Mr. Cruz asked me why I didn’t reason out and justify myself and he suspected me that I was reading dissident literature which I never did. then Mr. MacDonald returned and told me, “I’m sorry I have to suspend you according to my daddy”- but not according to the scriptures. Then Mr. Cruz told me, if I like to come back, I would contact them within 6 months–which I did but they refused to answer my call and text messages, I also tried to call preaching elder Mr. Pedrito Cara but he also refused. Before leaving, Mr. Macdonald told me, “after 9 months of visiting you, I think you are now DEAD.” When I heard those words, I told myself, this is what I get after 37 years of serving God. It added weight to my heavy loads of perceived disability, abject poverty and life’s extreme difficulty.

     What I have been longing and expecting for to be a pleasant visit turned out to be a nasty and bitter experience coming from a “supposedly” shepherd of God.

    Now Mr. Antonio, I’m seeking your definitive advice regarding my situation.

With agape love,
Benjamin Juta

Benjamin Juta


  1. What? That’s what happened to you Mr. Juta? I’ve been looking for you for so long.
    Is this the pure religion Mr. Kirk Macdonald? which is written in James 1:27: “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

    What a shame! (TSK TSK TSK)

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