Much has been written about Sunday worship being the mark of the Beast. In reality, the Beast referred to is the Devil himself.  Satan is the real power who will be behind the European beast power which is about to appear in the world scene.  He is also the same being who will be working in the king of “fierce countenance” or spiritual leader that will hijack the Philadelphia Church of God after its present leader, Gerald Flurry passes from the scene.

Although the prophesied 8th king who will be coming during the 7th era of God’s Church has not yet grabbed the power to rule over the entire PCG organization, yet his mark can already be seen in the PCG.

Revelation 17:11  “And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.”

The PCG may not be keeping Sunday but that doesn’t mean they do not have the mark of the Beast or Satan. They have it in the form of SUN WORSHIP as prophesied in Eze 8:16.  The 25 ministers in the inner court has brought into the PCG the ritual or part of the ritual of the CELTIC  SUN WORSHIP in the form of IRISH DANCING.  Everyone in the PCG now has this MARK OF THE BEAST by accepting this vestige of CELTIC  SUN WORSHIP in their foreheads or in their minds.

By the way, who do sun worshippers worship? Read it here –

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