Seek the Lord While He May Be Found


A 55 year old man from Leyte has been hoping and looking forward to getting baptized by a PCG Minister for a few years now.  His baptismal counseling was initiated by Local Elder Virgilio Antonio but the latter was unable to have the opportunity to complete the process.  The counseling of this prospective member or PM then changed hands as Local Elder Benedict Marquez was given charge over the congregations in the Visayas.

Before we proceed, please pardon us for not not divulging the identity of the PM for the purpose of protecting his privacy as the subject discussed here is kind of sensitive and quite personal.

The PM was counseled by Ben Marquez to prove the man’s sincerity and depth of repentance from sin by discontinuing certain things in his life.   He obliged without hesitation and began producing the fruits of repentance by faithfully abiding with the instructions given to him.

The PM has been observing the Sabbaths, the food laws and has been tithing faithfully.  Beyond these and to show his eagerness and genuineness of intentions, the PM gave up his political office as Barangay Chairman in his community.  He also gave up smoking and alcohol.  He explained with heartfelt sincerity that he is really willing to do anything and give up anything that will hinder his getting into a close relationship with God.  Indicative of his palpable sincerity and love for God, tears welled up in his eyes when he spoke about this matter.  It is easily discernible that he wanted to please God no matter what it cost him, EVEN IF IT MEANS LOSING HIS BELOVED WIFE AND FAMILY!  He believed in everything his minister counseled him to do, despite some misgivings he felt about the minister.

Some Misgivings Concerning Local Elder Ben Marquez

Our PM admitted that he felt like Mr. Ben Marquez is so unusually very strict, without any warmth at all and hard to talk to.  He said that Mr. Ben Marquez doesn’t seem like he is listening when he tries to raise a concern or ask a question.  He normally gets a response which is off course or irrelevant.  Worse, Mr. Ben Marquez would normally interrupt and tell the person he is talking to STOP AND JUST LISTEN!  This is the same complaint that many disgruntled members have about Ben Marquez’ haughty and condescending way of communicating with people.  Instead of listening to what a member who needs counsel has to say about his predicament, he or she gets interrupted and scolded, asked to stop talking and told to keep silent while he pours out what has been in his mind all along.

For one seeking counsel with Ben Marquez, the conversation usually ends up as a one way communication and one that leaves a feeling of discouragement and hurt to the member he talks down to.  It’s hard to imagine that with such proclivity to monopolize the talking and to talk condescendingly on the poor members, he even had the nerve to choose to speak at the last FOT about becoming a good communicator as a requirement for becoming a godly teacher in the World Tomorrow!  Isn’t being a good listener a BIG PART of the communication process?  Ben Marquez should closely study Mr. Alex Harrison’s lecture notes in the Feb 19, 2005 issue of the PGR with the title, “BECOME A LISTENING MINISTER.”  That article contains the real essence of good and balanced communication.  Kudos to Mr. Harrison for such a lecture that is full of godly wisdom.  John Macdonald probably hates that article because it is totally opposite his despicable way of communicating with people.

Instilling Fear is Satan’s most favorite of all his devices

Some members in the Visayas and Mindanao say that when Ben Marquez is present, everybody in the congregation remains very quiet in their seats as if they are attending a Passover service.  This is a clear sign that he has succeeded in INSTILLING FEAR in the minds of the people.  Instilling fear is a critical element of MIND CONTROL which PCG ministers employ to get everyone to fear their minister more than they would fear God!  Ben Marquez has been such a good pupil of his mentor, John Macdonald.

That brings to mind a comment made by a member in General Santos City about John Macdonald.  The Australian minister himself was giving the closing prayer at the end of the service when one of the members’ mobile phone rang.  Of course that was totally unexpected and it should not have happened. This incident sparked the ire of John Macdonald and it caused him to EXPLODE like dynamite immediately after giving the closing prayer.  He blasted everyone in the congregation right there and then with an angry loud voice accompanied by a fierce facial expression.  Everyone was made to feel bad and fearful of their leader and the church services concluded in this uninspiring and undesirable fashion.  John Macdonald would seize every opportunity to instill fear of him among the people. He would not let one stone unturned to get everyone under his control.   It is sad to say that Ben Marquez has become like a shadow of John Macdonald.

Instilling fear is Satan’s most favorite of his devices. But it’s the wrong kind of fear and it is exactly the opposite of the fear that God wants His people to have.  God wants us to fear Him but Satan works hard through his ministers to instill fear of his men instead of God.  To help us avoid having the wrong kind of fear, God gives a measure of His own spirit and here is what God says about that spirit in 2Tim 1:7:  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Misgivings on the Minister Did Not Deter This PM from Submitting to the Counsel

Anyhow, the misgivings our PM had of Ben Marquez did not deter him from following the counsel he received from the Local Elder no matter how difficult it may be.

One counsel that he was given was a very tough one that devastated him emotionally and psychologically because he is being required to break up with his wife!  Our PM had been married twice.  His first marriage was a complete failure.  It lasted for just a year because the relationship did not work out right from the start.  The woman was incompliant and unyielding to him. This may have sprung from the fact that there was no genuine attraction and love between them at the very start.  Our PM said that he didn’t really love her and their marriage was just forced upon him.  In short, the troubled marriage only got worse and worse in time till they finally broke up after just a year.

A Counsel That Will Destroy A Happy Marriage And Family

The PM is living today with the woman he truly loved from his youth.  They have been living happily together for 31 years through which they have build together a nice family of 2 sons and 3 daughters.  Four of his children have graduated and earned their degrees in college.  Two or three of his children are married and have brought up 8 grandchildren for them.  His wife, his children and grandchildren are without question, a great source of joy and happiness for this PM but the past year has been a nerve wracking and distressing year for him.  But why?  THE REASON IS, HE WAS COUNSELED BY BEN MARQUEZ TO SPLIT UP WITH HIS BELOVED WIFE OF 31 YEARS AND GO BACK TO HIS FIRST WIFE.  That counsel if followed is bound to destroy the PM’s happy marriage and his family too!

Benedict Marquez - Breaking the FAMILY

A Counsel That Has the MACDONALD Brand on It

This judgment has the Macdonald brand all over it.  Surely Ben Marquez has become like a clone of John Macdonald.  He has assimilated much of his manners, way of thinking and speaking.  Splitting up marriages is nothing new to the PCG now.  Even Ben Marquez’ own parents were split up by virtue of John Macdonald’s judgment which the family seemed to have accepted gladly, or was it just because of fear?  Although we have no divorce in the Philippines and that God is against marital divorce, John Macdonald acted like he has the power and authority to effect divorce among members in the PCG.  Ben Marquez has truly acquired John Macdonald’s way and thinking.  He is no stranger to the matter of splitting up marriages in the PCG.  He appears to have accepted and swallowed whole Macdonald’s bitter pill.  He doesn’t consider the destructive consequences such a judgment will bring in people’s lives.

Splitting up families has become a familiar thing in the PCG nowadays.  THE SAD THING IS THAT MEMBERS COULD NO LONGER DISTINGUISH BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG JUDGMENT OR BETWEEN CLEAN AND UNCLEAN.  THEY WOULD JUST ACCEPT WITHOUT QUESTION AS CORRECT OR RIGHTEOUS WHATEVER JUDGMENT A PCG MINISTER MAKES!  The testing of the spirit whether it is from God or from Satan is a command from God which PCG members are neglecting or taking lightly.  Listen to what God says in 1John 4:1:

“Beloved, BELIEVE NOT EVERY SPIRIT, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets (teachers) are gone out into the world.”

Every baptized member of God’s Church has been imbued with a measure of the Holy Spirit which each one should actively use to discern truth from error and to discern whether Christ is coming in the flesh in a minister or not.  One cannot just turn off that spirit and let a minister make all the judgments and decisions for him.  One cannot just believe everything a minister says like it is gospel truth without doing any proving at all.  God counsels us to follow the example of the Bereans in Acts 17:11:

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

Don’t misinterpret such personal proving as having a “government problem” issue!  Remember that you can either be a servant of righteousness or a servant of sin (Rom 6:16).  You either submit to God’s rule or to Satan’s rule.  Just as God has His true ministers, likewise Satan has his own ministers.  Remember that Satan is a master of deception.  The only way you can protect yourselves from his wiles and devices is by aggressively using the power of the Holy Spirit God gave each one of you!  Use it to discern lies from the truth!  Use it to discern the rebel ministers from the true ministers of God!  Use it or lose it!

Destructive Consequences Of Following Ben Marquez’ Counsel

Ben Marquez’ counsel is one that is very hard to follow.  After the past 31 years, our PM’s original wife has had at least three relationships with other men.  Add that to the fact that he had no love for her from the beginning.  And of course, separating from his beloved wife of 31 years is the most difficult thing for him to do.  It is no less than emotionally and psychologically devastating knowing that it will destroy the family which he and his wife faithfully and lovingly endeavored to raise up through the years.  Following such a counsel will make him live with all the unbearable consequences of being alone and being scorned and hated by his wife and by his own children all the remaining years of his life.  He will be haunted by those thoughts for the rest of his life!

Is it hard for you to recognize that such counsel given by Ben Marquez directly contradicts God’s will as expressed in Malachi 4:6 about building up strong families as a foundational truth and principle we ought to uphold in His Church.

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

What the rebellious ministers in the PCG are doing today as exemplified in this destructive counsel given by Ben Marquez to our PM is to shatter a well built family by attacking the head of the family himself!  Chop off the head and the whole body dies!  That’s an exact contradiction of God’s will for the family.

We pray and hope that Ben Marquez will recognize what he has gotten himself into.   There is still time  to seek God while He may still be found.

What Will You Do If You Were The One Involved?

Put yourself in the PM’s shoes or in the wife’s shoes.  How will you be affected by such a judgment?  Will you be delighted in it?  What would you think of the spirit which guided such counsel?  Is it really from God or is it from the Devil?  Is God such a harsh being who loves to see people’s lives destroyed?  Does God wants to see a happy marriage broken up and sons and daughters turned against their own father?  Would God want a man to renew a marriage relationship with an ex-wife who had been defiled at least 3 times by living with other men one after another over the past 31 years?  Would God want to abandon his beloved wife and family for a defiled woman he never loved in the first place?  Was God present in the man’s first marriage which was a failed one?  Was God present in the man’s second marriage which was the time when he began his relationship with God?  Is a successful and happy marriage and the products of successful child rearing not enough evidences of God’s blessings in the PM’s second marriage?

The Last End Book of Remembrance Coming to the Rescue

Counting all such cost that getting baptized will bring upon his life, this PM made up his mind though with great sadness to abide by the judgment and counsel of Ben Marquez.  He made plans to relocate in a place quite far away from home and to hopefully begin a new life there, expecting to please Ben Marquez so that he will finally baptize him and thus become a legit member of the PCG.  In his mind he tried hard to swallow such a bitter pill of letting the destruction of his family which he built over the best years of his life.  But then A MIRACLE CAME JUST IN TIME!  A life changing event came up which saved him from committing such an awfully crazy decision.  GOD SENT HIM THE LAST END BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE AND THERE HE DISCOVERED THAT THE PCG HAS BEEN GOING ASTRAY.  This led him to seek guidance and help from members of the Last End Work in his area.  This led him to find enlightenment on the issues that once troubled him.  Tragedy and misery was averted.  His mind was cleared of all apprehensions.  Thus joy and happiness returned to his life.

God’s Love, Mercy And Compassion Prevails

God performed a great miracle in this man’s life.  God would not allow a man who is too willing and desirous of obeying His law and follow His will to be led astray.  After all, it is God Himself who draws a man to Christ.  God is love and He would not allow a true spiritual babe or His little lamb to be fed to a devouring wolf.  God’s desire for him is to be built up and brought up to spiritual maturity until he is ready to be born in His Family.  God will do everything according to His will to finish the work He has begun in this PM. What an inspiring miracle God brought into this man’s life.  God truly deserves all the honor, respect and praises we can express for Him.


  1. The PM could have experienced the Great Tribulation in the PCG if not for the ticket to the place of safety- the Book of Remembrance.
    To God be the glory and praises. He is truly the God of true justice, mercy and compassion. God desires mercy, not sacrifice.

  2. BM is a clone. To the last molecule. Shows the real sickness of PCG. Barbara Flurry’s congestive heart.

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