John Macdonald is currently the Regional Director of the Philadelphia Church of God over Australasia, the Philippines, South and Southeast Asia and Africa.  According to facts we have gathered, he is responsible for the death of Miss Liza Fe Columna, young daughter of a pioneering member of the PCG in the Philippines.  She died of drowning in a Church activity organized by John Macdonald himself.  We are presenting the facts and details of the matter below.  By all accounts based on documents furnished by Mrs. Lourdes Columna, we see the need to indict John Macdonald so he could be properly prosecuted in the court of law.  It’s time he answers for his abuses of his authority and for polluting the very name of God by his pretenses as a minister of God. 


Liza Fe Columna is the one and only child of Mrs. Lourdes Columna, one of the pioneering members of the Philadelphia Church of God in the Philippines.  Liza is Lourdes’ source of joy and comfort during the most troublous time in her life.  That was when her husband deserted her and when she fell ill with breast cancer for which she had to undergo surgery.  Recovery from the procedure took some time and it made her sort of partially disabled at the same time.  Only her right hand can function and one of her knees was arthritic.  Liza’s presence made the big difference in her life.  She is not only a source of joy and happiness for her.  She functioned like a part of her physical body for the duration of her recuperation time.  While still weak and in pain, Lourdes was dependent on Liza Fe for much of everything.  Liza buys and cooks their food.  She washes the dishes and their clothes, cleaned the house, etc.  When they travel to Sabbath services, Liza carries all their stuff.

Liza was supposed to graduate from college in 2009.  She was also seriously preparing for baptism by diligently reading the 9 books and booklets and have already talked with 2 ministers about it.  That was until a tragedy struck and took Liza’s precious life away!  The source of joy, comfort and love that kept Lourdes hopeful of better times was suddenly taken away from her on May 1, 2009 in the most unexpected way and situation.  She was attending an activity organized and supervised by Ministers of the Philadelphia Church of God when the tragedy happened!  She thought that there must be something wrong in the Church which caused the tragic incident to happen!


In the year 2009, the Philadelphia Church of God Philippines organized a 3 day Singles and Teens’ Activity scheduled for April 30 to May 3 to be held at Urbiz Garden Plage in San Juan, La union.  The activity was organized under the direction of the then Associate Pastor of the PCG for the Philippines, John Macdonald.

Urbiz Garden PlageThe activity pushed through as planned.  The singles and teens were conveyed and herded to the resort on April 30, arriving at the resort around 7 PM.  They got their accommodation and had a peaceful but joyous time together for the night.  Unexpectedly though, what was anticipated to be a day of fun and rejoicing at the beach the following morning turned out to be a disaster when the tragedy struck.  Four girls had a brush with near fatal drowning, namely:  Ana Antonio, Bernadette Olayta, Deborah Antonio and Kristine Joy Antonio.  Deborah barely survived her near death experience and her sister Kristine had to stay the longest in the hospital where they were she was confined because of lung infection.  However the most tragic part of the incident was the death of Liza Fe Columna.  Liza was the last to be fished out of the dangerous waters of the beach.


It seemed like a statement given by John Macdonald during the announcement sometime in April 2009 about 2 or 3 Sabbaths before the activity found its fulfillment on this day, the 1st of May 2009.  He mentioned that 2 weddings, one after another are forthcoming in May.  Then he added to that, “We have 2 coming weddings but no funeral yet.’’  It was a horrible and chilling comment that shocked many of the members but they can only keep mum about it.  They won’t dare to give any negative comment to John Macdonald because they know him very well for his harsh and brusque manners.


It appears from the facts of the matter that the beach area where Urbiz Garden Plage is located is not really meant for simple wading or even swimming for non-swimmers.  THE WHOLE BEACH AREA AND THE SEA AROUND IS MEANT FOR SURFING!  Just look at the map and look at the names of the resorts in the area.  Most of the resorts have the word “surfers” or “surfing” attached to their names.  Why?  Simply because it’s a surfers area.  In fact San Juan, La Union is known as a surfers’ paradise in northern Luzon.  Just see this link for a sample review of the area as a surfer’s mecca.  (See link for reference:

It’s quite questionable why John Macdonald would take our young people and singles to such a place to frolic and swim when its waters are too dangerous especially for non-professional swimmers or surfers!  He should have been responsible enough to make a background check of the place before taking a big group of youngsters to such a place.  Even the signs on the resort say “NO SWIMMING ALLOWED’’ as some of the people who went there said.  Even the statement of the manager of the resort, Ms. Marilyn Dazalla reveals such a flaw in John Macdonald’s decision to let the young people swim on the beach.  Ms. Dazalla warned the PCG group, as stated in the police report, not to swim on the beach if the water is strong.  That warning was not heeded!  He should have considered too that there are ABSOLUTELY NO PROVISION to take care of the safety of the teens and singles as there are NO LIFEGUARDS  in the beach, NO FLOATING DEVICES AND MOTORIZED BOAT FOR RESCUE PURPOSES.

Liza Fe Columna - San Juan La Union

Besides, the shallow area of the beach is too short to allow wading and frolicking.  A very short distance from the shore, the beach suddenly drops down to a depth of at least 20 feet as some people said but this could be verified by any party who would be interested to get the facts about it.  THE DEPTH OF THE SEA NEAR THE SHORE MAKES THIS AREA IDEAL FOR SURFING.  THE DEPTH OF THE SEA MAKES THE WAVES BIG!  Another dangerous thing about this beach is the UNDERCURRENT which is also a result of the depth of the water close to the shore.  It’s actually the undercurrent that pulled the drowning victims from the shallow area of the beach down to the deep area close by.


Why would a supposedly minister of God expose God’s children to this kind of danger?  WAS HE TEMPTING GOD?  Was he really intent on fulfilling his wish for a funeral in addition to the 2 weddings in May 2009?  Was he simply being irresponsible to make all the necessary planning and preparation for the activity?  That GROSS IRRESPONSIBILITY killed a young girl and sent 4 others to near fatal drowning!  How was he able to get away from all the penalties he should have incurred as a PCG minister?  How could he have remained in the PCG ministry with such GROSS NEGLIGENCE OF HIS DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY to the young members of the Church?  How was he able to avoid being implicated in a crime which resulted in the near fatal drowning of 4 youngsters and the death of Liza Fe Columna?

Another thing he disregarded was the weather during the schedule of the 3 day activity.  A typhoon was approaching the western seaboard of Luzon. It actually made a landfall on May 7 in Pangasinan.  The approaching typhoon must have affected the water current and the waves during the activity in San Juan, La Union.  HE COULD HAVE TAKEN PRECAUTIONS ON THE ACCOUNT OF THE COMING TYPHOON.  BUT HE DISREGARDED IT AND RISKED THE LIVES OF THE TEENS AND SINGLES WHO ATTENDED THE ACTIVITY EVEN MORE.  (See link below about typhoon Emong.

Note: One other classic example of tempting God is that, after the death of Liza Fe Columna, a WAIVER document has been implemented to be a pre-requisite to join any hazardous activity to protect them from possible incrimination once an incident brought about by their gross negligence such as what happened in San Juan, La Union would occur. Some activities would even require a “DIE AT YOUR OWN RISK” disclaimer written in the waiver before you can participate.  In the case of teens attending PYC, there were parents who were not even consulted about the signing of such a document by the youngsters.


JOHN MACDONALD IS VERY ASTUTE IN MATTERS OF COVERING UP HIS OWN CRIME.  He used his authority and abused Church government to keep everyone of those who were in the Church activity silent.  Nobody gave a statement to the police.  Everyone’s mobile phone was turned off by order of John Macdonald during the 3 days they were in the beach resort.  No one was allowed to contact anyone in the outside world, not even their parents.  No one was to talk about the incident in the Church.  He was able to keep his ass clean by tightening his grip on the membership and ministry by causing the fear of suspension and being cut off to take hold on everyone.  Speaking of collusion, he was also able to get the Regional Director to talk to Lourdes Columna and convince her to just keep silent about the case.  Amazing!  How can he do all that?  He must have some kind of power to mesmerize everyone to get their full cooperation!


How did the incident affect Lourdes Columna, the fatality’s mother?  To see how the tragic event and the further actions of John Macdonald brought much disappointment and depression to Lourdes Columna, we’ll share with you some details gleaned from the letter she sent to Mr. Gerald Flurry and Mr. Mark Nash.  Nobody knows if ever such letter reached its destination, though.

Here below are some of Lourdes Columna’s disappointments with the way things were handled relevant to the incident:

May 1, 2009 – Friday

  1. She missed the opportunity to see her daughter before she died. She missed the opportunity to embrace her, kiss her and cry to God for mercy and a miracle.  Liza died at 4 pm.  She was fished out of the sea at 10:30 am.  Lourdes got a call from John Macdonald about the incident only past 2 pm and it was too late already for her to see Liza alive.
  1. She wished to go to the resort to retrieve Liza’s belongings and to get the facts from the brethren there about what really happened. She was denied the opportunity by refusing to take her there.

COMMENT:  Obviously, John Macdonald doesn’t want Lourdes to obtain information which could incriminate him.  He has much to hide and there’s a great need to cover his ass whatever it takes.

  1. She was disappointed that no one accompanied Liza’s cadaver when she was fetched from the hospital by the driver of a van rented by Lourdes’ brother. Her brother could not accompany the driver because of his hypertension.  The driver was able to obtain the body from the morgue but no death certificate or hospital documents could be given by the hospital yet at that time at 2 in the morning.  She was taken by the van driver anyway with no pertinent documents on hand and with none of the 80 members of the PCG to accompany her home.  Incidentally, the van driver had trouble with the police on the way back.

COMMENT:  John Macdonald just didn’t know how a mother who lost her only child feels.  He is too insensitive to the feelings of others.  He is a man who lacks patience and compassion.  So probably, he just took his sweet time during the night when Liza’s body was taken from the morgue to be brought home by her family’s designated representative.  No help was extended to make the papers available for the trip.

  1. She was further dismayed when she learned from some ladies in the Church who cried of pity for Liza when they learned about how her body was transported without any escort from the Church. They said that they’re willing to accompany Liza’s body if only the minister informed them of her sad state.

COMMENT:  How come John Macdonald, being fully in-charge of the whole matter did nothing about this?  Did he get carry away with the activities at the resort that evening before Liza’s body was taken from the morgue in the early morning?  Did he enjoy himself in the bonfire they had that night?  The bonfire must have been such a fascinating thing to him knowing that he is a Druid and possibly an Illuminati!  That secret society practices offering human sacrifices by burning before the image of Molech.  Didn’t you know that he had his son Garth cremated when he died?  Cremation is a pagan practice which originated from the practice of offering human sacrifices before Molech!

May 2, 2009 – Saturday

  1. Lourdes got a call from Mr. Cara while she was at the funeral parlor. He instructed her not to put make-up on Liza’s face.  But Lourdes’ relatives urged her to put only a light foundation to bring back the natural color of her face and a faint color to cover her black cracked lips. It will make her appear like she is just sleeping and she and the children in her family can look at Liza’s face. This was seen by Mr. Cara and Mr. Guzman a day later when the body was already in Lourdes’ house and they didn’t give any negative comment at all.

COMMENT:  This matter with make-up became a source of irritation and added grief later on.

  1. In the evening of Saturday, another disappointment came upon Lourdes. She tried to call some PCG members in the resort but all their phones were turned off.  She learned later that they were prevented to contact anybody outside the camp.  Even their parents can’t receive any message from them.

COMMENT:  Even such a basic human right as communicating with a loved one like a young person’s parents was curtailed by John Macdonald!  In effect he had all those young people held hostage for a few days!  He did it to ensure a NEWS BLACK OUT in the PCG about the incident.  It’s one way of protecting his own selfish, devilish motives.

  1. On that Saturday, it was announced in all congregations that Liza met a tragic incident and died. No detail whatsoever was provided.

COMMENT:  How can the ministry be so cold hearted to avoid mentioning about anything in the announcements, even words that would be comforting to the hearers?  It’s a sure sign of guilt on the side of John Macdonald!

May 3, 2009 –Sunday

  1. On Sunday which is the day when the 3 day activity in Urbiz Garden Plage ends, Lourdes hoped that some of the brethren would drop by her house to offer condolences and perhaps, tell her something about what led to Liza’s drowning. Her waiting was in vain.

COMMENT: For sure, John Macdonald did not encourage the brethren to make an effort to drop by Lourdes’ house. Firstly, he teaches that it is pagan to visit the bereaved members of a dead person in a wake.  He teaches such a belief without any biblical references to support it.  It is also a clear indication that he doesn’t understand anything about practicing PURE RELIGION (James 1:27) and that “ It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart (Ecc 7:2).  Secondly, he doesn’t want to take the risk of having people going there talking to Lourdes about what they know about the incident.  It could mean trouble for him.  HOW DID HE EVER BECOME A MINISTER OF THE PCG WITH SUCH A DEVILISH MINDSET?

May 4, Monday

  1. During the wake, Lourdes heard some members discussing an announcement made in Quezon City congregation some 2 or 3 Sabbaths before the tragedy. John Macdonald announced about a couple of weddings one after another for the month of May.  In his final statement he said, “We have 2 coming weddings but no funeral yet.’’

COMMENT:  How weird can he get? Was he really waiting for someone in the Church to die so he can conduct a funeral?  Make an offering to Molech?  The members felt strange and uncomfortable with that announcement so when the Sabbath came and Liza’s death was announced, they were shocked!  How his wish came true!  Lourdes was so shaken when she heard of that horrible announcement and asked why did it have to be her daughter when they were living quietly away from them?  Why include them in their issues in QC?

May 6, Wednesday – Interment Day

  1. Pedrito Cara texted Lourdes about removing the make-up on Liza’s face and lips. “Mr. Macdonald wants make up removed, if it can be done, since it will convey the wrong impressions.  If it can’t, the lid has to be closed so she can’t be seen with her lipstick.  Let’s show right way thru these things.’’  Lourdes felt like she was being tortured with that instruction.  All her relatives, her former officemates from far places, Liza’s friends and schoolmates were there and they will see her scraping Liza’s face to remove the light make up and faint lipstick.  What a shameful sight to behold that would be!  Her nephew also told her not to open the plastic or glass cover of the coffin because the smell of the formalin will be too much for her.  She said she almost lost her sanity!

COMMENT:  How can John Macdonald be so unreasonable and devoid of compassion for a woman who has been through much trial and pain and whose daughter died because of his own doing?  He should have been brought to trial for a criminal offense and he should have been deported and declared as ‘’persona non grata’’ for his anti-Filipino tendencies and behavior!

  1. At the funeral ceremony at the cemetery, Mr. Cara told Lourdes that throwing flowers to Liza’s grave before it is covered with dirt would be fine. While she and others threw flowers, some relatives of Lourdes told her that they heard a minister said, ‘’They are worshipping the dead.’’  Her relatives were quite disturbed and incensed by that remark and it added more to Lourdes’ heartache and pains.

COMMENT:  Who could that minister be?  Who else has the guts to speak that way in the PCG?  Only John Macdonald has that mindset!

Post burial ….

  1. After the burial, one Sabbath Lourdes was informed the minister gave a sermon about the tragedy, etc, etc. Then he said that holding Liza’s interment for 5 days is pagan.  Lourdes was so upset with that comment.  She said, “My daughter was dead for 17 hours before she was taken home.  We can’t just bury her in any vacant lot or in our yard like a dead dog!”  It should be understandable that it takes some time to make all the arrangement for burial.   Lourdes did not own a private burial plot in a memorial park.  She had to ask a sister abroad who owns one to let her use it for Liza.  But there are paper works or documentation to take care of.  Even the death certificate came out only on May 6, the morning she was to be buried!

COMMENT:  How can a PCG minister be so judgmental without looking at the facts first!  How can they speak ill of a woman who has been under some really heavy trials and whose daughter was killed by the irresponsibility of John Macdonald who has been abusing God’s government early on in his watch over the PCG in the Philippines?  How can he be so insensitive, unkind, harsh and devoid of compassion?  Where is God’s Holy Spirit?  He doesn’t have the Holy Spirit of God!  It’s another spirit that has been dwelling in him!

  1. When relatives of Lourdes went to the police station in La Union to obtain a copy of the police record of the incident, they found out that it was only the manager of the resort who gave her statement which is inaccurate. The police said that not one member of the CULT spoke to them during the investigation.

COMMENT:  WHAT A SHAME FOR THE PCG TO BE LABELED BY OUTSIDERS AS A CULT!  JOHN MACDONALD GAVE THE CHURCH A BAD REPUTATION AND THAT WAS BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD’S NAME!  None of the members had the guts to give a statement to the Police because they were all cowering in fear of John Macdonald.  The members were prevented by John Macdonald to speak about the incident to anyone.  It was also the police who rushed Liza and the others to the hospital on board their police car one hour after the tragedyOne hour was lost because of the irresponsibility of John Macdonald who could have done something better to get the drowning victims to the hospital earlier!  Why did he not get them to the hospital earlier?  What if there was no police who came to the scene, will they let the 5 victims become comatose while in the beach?  They have several vehicles on the ground?  Were the vehicle owners unwilling to get their vehicles soiled with dirt, sand and vomit of the victims?  How can such irresponsibility of a minister be tolerated by the PCG Headquarters?  How could have Mr. Max Rumler turned a blind eye on what John Macdonald did?  Was he already under John Macdonald’s spell early on at that time?  This is really very intriguing as you look deeper into the Macdonald’s family history.

BRETHREN IN THE Philadelphia Church of God, HEAR THIS!

It’s time to wake up!  You’ve been turning a blind eye on the misdeeds and wrongdoings of John Macdonald for so long.  You’ve been held hostage by his spell for so long.  Break away from the SATANIC INFLUENCE that he has put you into.

Don’t wait for him to reject the doctrines of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and Mr. Gerald R. Flurry because he won’t do that for he the prophesied last hour Diotrephes inside the PCG.

As Mr. Gerald Flurry told the ministry during the 2011 Ministerial Conference (Lecture #5) that “we are going to have Diotrephes in our midst – it’s prophesied!” That this end-time Diotrephes “wants to put himself on the spotlight; he loves preeminence and wants to have authority over the others; and that he wants to run the show”, Mr. Flurry added. Further on, quoting from The Last Hour booklet, he said:


“I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not” (3 John 9). Here is an example diametrically opposite that of Gaius. Diotrephes was a minister, a regional director. The Greek here shows that “he loves to be first.” Gaius loved to do anything he could to help the men who were serving John. Gaius put God’s servants and work first. Diotrephes just loved to put HIMSELF first! When everything was falling apart in God’s Church, he loved to be first! That attitude consumed him. And he probably lost his eternal life. He was eaten alive by vanity and that vulgar desire to be number one.…

“Interestingly, the name Diotrephes means ‘nourished by Zeus.’ Does that give you a clue about what was happening to this man? He was just like a man in God’s end-time Church. And MOST PEOPLE TODAY THINK THIS MAN OF SIN HAS SO MUCH LOVE! THEY THINK HE SETS A MARVELOUS EXAMPLE OF LOVE BECAUSE HE TALKS ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! – AS HE BUTCHERS GOD’S LAW OF LOVE. Diotrephes was a type of the end-time antichrist. His big problem wasn’t in rejecting doctrine. He lusted for power. His big problem was that he wanted the top office! That is exactly what Satan’s problem was! This evil man operates in the spirit of Satan. He may have been possessed by the devil.” (pp. 110-111, The Last Hour 2007 edition)

Can’t you see by his fruits how he may have been actually possessed by the devil? Let us consider a couple of real life examples just to illustrate:

On the subject of marriage:  Does God’s law authorize any man to cause a man and his wife to separate like the way John Macdonald caused the separation of Rudy and Mabel Marquez?  What does God’s law says?

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Mark 10:9)

John Macdonald has set up himself in the PCG like a God.  He is enforcing his own law in place of God’s and he covered every evil thing that he did with his priestly garment and he subtly encouraged everyone in effect that doing evil is good in the sight of God and that He delights in them.

For the Lord, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment, saith the Lord of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously. Ye have wearied the Lord with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God of judgment?” (Malachi 2:16-17)

As God hates the separation of husbands and wives or of putting away, John Macdonald did just the opposite and he covered every violence including this husband and wife separation with his priestly garment while pretending that he is a minister of God, but he is far from being one; in actual fact, he is a minister of Satan and the son of the world’s ruler as indicated by what his family name means. With the fruits that were borne through the years during his ministry, you can easily discern that he is carrying out his father’s desires.

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44, NIV)

On the subject of honoring the parents:  Here are a few issues to illustrate the law breaking you are being taught in the PCG.

  • Does God’s law command that children dishonor their parents when they get suspended from the PCG for whatever reason?  Is it really loving them less by treating them like they are dead?  Or is it treating them like you really hate them that you should cut off all communications with them?   Is it not dishonoring a father who died while on suspension when his son who is a PCG minister himself, tells his mother and siblings not to weep or shed tears at the funeral service and interment of his father which he conducted himself? Only a stone hearted person or people can do that and they do it under the prevailing influence of John Macdonald!
  • Is cutting off and dishonoring your parents God’s idea in revealing to HWA about the matter of turning the hearts of the children to their fathers and the fathers to their children? God is obviously very concerned about us upholding this law and so He gave this extra emphasis and more importance than the others because He wants His family to be built around His law on honoring the parents!  Failure to keep this law will be meted with a great punishment as Mal 4:6 says.  ‘’And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.’’
  • Is it God’s idea for PCG ministers to teach our children not to help their parents financially when they are old and needy just because there is a scripture somewhere that says that parents should consider preparing for the future of their children and children’s children?  Are we all that wealthy to leave behind a fortune for our grandchildren?  Are we all living in a dream world?
  • Is it God’s idea for PCG ministers to teach our grown up children not to confide with us about their plans for marriage and to tell us about it only when the wedding has been set? Don’t parents have any role in the life of their grown up children?  Do parents become useless after accumulating so much experience in practical living and applying God’s law just because they have become physically old?  Is it not clear to you brethren that it is only John Macdonald who introduced this matter of disregarding and ignoring the parents’ role in their son or daughter’s marriage plans?  None of his predecessors taught it to us.  It was just his own idea and he does it to be in full control of the lives of your adult children.  If you can’t agree with this parents, then get out of your son or daughter’s life!  Let John Macdonald handle it.  You’re no longer needed.
  • Is it God’s idea for PCG ministers to tell our virgin daughters to live separate from their parents just because it is their Australian tradition? Does he think Australian traditions are better than ours?  Are they not suppressing the parent’s role?  Are they not teaching our children to dishonor their parents?  Are they not breaking God’s very law wherein God says that our sons or daughters are to be separate from their parents only when they are to marry already? “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife.” (Mark 10:7)
  • Is it really appropriate for a minister of God (as John Macdonald claim that he is) to ask someone especially a woman who is seeking baptism and under baptismal counseling if she is masturbating? How many times is she doing it? Where does she do it? Or is she doing it while watching or reading pornographic materials? What kind of a perverted mind is that? It only comes from Satan coming in the flesh through him!

BRETHREN, please use God’s Holy Spirit in recognizing the true character of the man who has been ruling over you without due regard for God’s law of love.  If the Holy Spirit of God is really dwelling in you, use it to test the Spirit in your leaders, especially John Macdonald and his sons Kirk and Brad.  John Macdonald’s sons are of the same breed.  They are of the same bloodline.  The sons were brought up by their father and what you can see in John Macdonald is exactly the same kind of mindset you will find in Kirk and Brad.  Look for the evidences of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the way they live.  You can very clearly see in this article the wicked character of John Macdonald.  It would be too redundant to enumerate those sins again at this point.  Go back to the top if you will and see once more what kind of a person John Macdonald is.  He is not fit to be a minister of God.  The Catholics appears to be better off for having a leader who expresses concern for the poor, the children, the elderly and the disabled.  The members of the PCG, especially in the Philippines are so pitiful for having a leader who abuses God’s government and his authority for personal gain and interest.  You have a leader who doesn’t give a damn for the poor, the family, the elderly, the disabled and who only cares for those members they can use to serve their interests and purpose.  You have a leader who is casting the law of God down to the ground and teaching his own laws instead.  You have a leader whose ambition is to take full control of the Philadelphia Church of God as can be evidenced by the positioning of his sons in very high and sensitive positions in the church organization.  Don’t be surprised when you finally see him take the top seat in HQ or put someone there he can control after the announcement that Gerald Flurry has indeed passed away.  Brethren, don’t allow yourselves to be continually fooled by John Macdonald and his sons.  All you have to do is TEST THE SPIRIT and you’ll be on the right course.  Remember that even Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong said, ‘FOLLOW ME AS I FOLLOW CHRIST.”


La Union police report

Liza Fe Columna X-ray

Liza Fe Columna hospital report

Liza Fe Columna clinical abstract 

Liza Fe Columna death certificate

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  1. if one is intimate with Christ, then one should know that the same Savior commands us not to hide from our own flesh and blood. (Isaiah 58:7). how can we claim to “know” and have this intimate relationship with Christ if we doubt what he says and demands each one of us to do: Why should we judge without mercy when we have not attained mercy because of our own righteousness, who among us is perfect then let them cast the first stone, let us judge with mercy, for the unmerciful will not be shown mercy in the day of Judgment (James 2:13), be merciful with one another that the love of God and God’s righteousness be declared in all of us. even monsters in the oceans give suck to their young, how have we turned to ostriches that leave the young in the wilds to be trampled under foot by beasts, why have we become cruel?(Lamentations 4:3), Reaffirm your love (2 Corinthians 2), or would you rather wait for a catastrophe to melt your hearts and look for your loved ones? He is knocking at your door, let us melt our hearts and be merciful! why should we offer an offering that has become a stink unto God? (Isaiah 65:5)? buy the sheep that was lost why do you push them with your horns? (Ezekiel 34)

    1. Hello, there, Love. While I understand the importance of mercy, let me respectfully remind you of two facts (one in history and one in prophecy).

      In WWI, conscientious objector Alvin York was drafted into the military inspite of the fact that he felt that war was abominable to God, and therefore against his religious convictions. Since he was not a member of a recognized and large congregation, however, his objector’s status was denied, and he was forced to go to war. Upon the conclusion of the Great War, Sgt. York was hailed as an international hero for his outstanding service to the Allies. When questioned about his ability to reconcile his religious convictions with his military service, York replied, “Well, Sir, I came to understand that by fighting, I was SAVING LIVES, not the other way around…” Indeed, Sgt. York was FILLED with mercy. He saw his God given duty and fulfilled it, inspite of the fact that he despised killing. This same principle is illustrated in ancient Israel’s death penalty INSTITUTED BY GOD.

      Now for the prophetic illustration… Satan, his demons, and his servants will all be thrown alive into the lake of fire. Believe it or not, this is a merciful act that our righteous and perfect Creator has decreed. Just because something is unpleasant doesn’t make it unmerciful.

      God commands that we judge by FRUITS. The information provided in the article above is factual and verifiable. If evil men remain unexposed, more evil deeds will be perpetuated on God’s unsuspecting sheep. Indeed, it is our responsibility to bring the works of darkness into the light. Not in hatred or vengeance, for that is God’s job. But in truth and love as a warning to our beloved family members in the church.

      I hope this helps. I know it is hard, sometimes, to hear words like these but, I felt that perhaps it might give you some insight into the author’s point of view… He’s attempting to spare the flock.

  2. This tragedy happened year 2009 and now finally hate had grown enough and explode. Everything in here is hate. When you indeed focus on Jerusalem, why not published it here that people may see your good works and light.

    1. Now read with your own eyes from the Bible what has been done with the story behind Liza Fe’s death in the hands of John Macdonald last 2009:
      “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. FOR NOTHING IS SECRET, THAT SHALL NOT BE MADE MANIFEST; NEITHER ANY THING HID, THAT SHALL NOT BE KNOWN AND COME ABROAD.” (Luke 8:16-17)

      “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew 5:16-18)

      “Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may ADD SIN TO SIN” (Isaiah 30:1)

  3. This tragedy should never have been allowed to happen! While it is true that accidents can and do occur at times, the manner in which this happened – and the ensuing cover up – reveal a motive that is malicious and self serving at best, and
    murderously negligent and grossly insensitive, at worst. The uncaring and flippantly casual attitude during the aftermath of Lisa’s death are absolutely inexcusable… particularly from John McDonald…. or ANY member or facility’s and staff of the church!

    Brethren of the Living God, let us agree in prayer that these men are given over to the hands of the God that we serve and that the remaining PCG members find a way of escape through the two witnesses and their teachings in the Book of Remembrance.

    One recurring pattern I have noticed while working with men and women in high offices seems to be emerging here. Some in positions of prestige and authority (those who abuse it, that is), deliberately push the boundaries set forth for them, in an egomaniacal desire to see JUST HOW FAR THEY CAN GO. Watch for this to continue as we get closer to the soon coming Kingdom of God. The FRUITS here are DEATH and LAWLESSNESS.

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