PCG Ministers: Burn the BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE!

My Dear Brethren,


It is with mixed emotions that I have to tell you that I had been cast out from the PCG recently but the more dominant feeling I have is one of  real joy for having followed the voice of the Good Shepherd who led me out into his green pasture.  I wish to share with you in brief my current encounter with Mr. Ben Marquez about my expulsion from the church.  But first, may I give you a little background about my spiritual life.

My personal history with God’s Church began in July 1985.  That was when I had my first contact with the WCG and on my way to conversion.  I was finally baptized on March 22, 1989.  From that point forward up until 1993, things were pretty normal with me.  Then in 1994, I began to be troubled by rumors and talks going around about doctrinal changes in the WCG and members joining different splinter groups.  It was not long until a copy of Malachi’s Message arrived in my home. Bothered by my observations on the doctrinal changes and about brethren leaving the WCG, I did not hesitate to read the book.  I prayerfully read the book, asking God to open my mind to the truth about what’s going on in the WCG.  Why all the doctrinal changes?  Why is it many of the original teachings of HWA which brought me into God’s Church are being rejected and changed?  That book was such a blessing from God!  It provided me the answers to the questions that had bothered me on account of the doctrinal changes.  I was soooo thankful to God for delivering that book at my doorstep for it showed me the way to go from that point forward.

A few days later after I experienced that life changing moments following my enlightenment from reading Malachi’s Message or God’s Message to His very elect, I made my irrevocable decision to leave the WCG and seek to be accepted as a member in the PCG.  In July 1994, after sending a personal letter to Mr. Gerald Flurry himself, stating my personal circumstances and desire to be assimilated into the PCG, a very positive reply came and it was the best news ever that came to me.  It filled my heart with indescribable joy after getting away from the confusion and deception in the WCG.  It really gave me a reason to jump for joy!

We all learned a lot from the writings of that prophet.  We all thought that this is the last Church organization we would be in.  That was my thought for the past 20 years I have been a member of the PCG.  But history repeats itself.  The WCG was infiltrated by Satan through the ministry.  Ministers are just mortal men and they can go astray too.  But the problem is, because of their powerful influence over the membership, they can lead the whole Church astray too.  That’s history and it is repeating itself in the PCG.  Anyone who denies the possibility of the PCG going astray is denying the fact of Satan’s existence!  The Devil lives and as a matter of fact, they have been thrown down on earth. They live to destroy and God’s Church is always the Devil’s target.  That explains why paganism has crept into the PCG with seemingly harmless things like Irish Dancing, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, cremation of the dead just to name a few of the abominations.  But the worst thing that the rebellious ministers have done is to turn their backs on God by turning away from the Jerusalem Work and going to England to do a work in  Edstone in Warwickshire, England which is part of the historic Kingdom of the Hwicce (witches).  No wonder, the Druids are in your midst.  http://warwickshirewicca.blogspot.co.uk/p/wicca-map.html

Now here is how history repeats itself in my personal, spiritual life.  Before leaving the WCG, Malachi’s Message came into my life and it brought me into the light of God’s truth.  It brought me to the PCG.  This time, another book came into my life and it was used by God to pluck me out of the fire.  With all the abominations it has gotten into, the PCG is on fire so to speak and eventually those who will not get out of it will be burnt up during the peak of the Great Tribulations.  The “Last End Book of Remembrance” is a tremendous blessing from God which came to me fairly recently.   It removed the blindness in my eyes and it has now brought me out of the prison (PCG).  I am so glad I am now out of the PCG and could now take part in supporting the Last End Work of God.

It was only last  January 24, 2015 that I was thrown out of the PCG. Mr. Ben Marquez, our very young minister serving in southern Philippines, interrogated me in Cebu regarding the Book of Remembrance.  He asked me if I have been reading the book and why I did not burn it as previously instructed by way of an announcement in Church.  I really did not like the way we are told to burn the book.  If I had done that with Malachi’s Message, I would not have known God’s truth revealed in it and I would not have known where God moved the lamp.  With this thought, I was moved to tell Mr. Marquez, “don’t treat me like a robot!”  In my mind  I thought, how can a book that is full packed with quotes from both HWA and GRF be condemned as a dissident material.  It’s like they are condemning both men of God for what they have written and taught God’s people over the years!  So I asked Mr. Marquez, “Is the book causing division in the PCG”  He could not answer.  If he would say yes, it will be like he is saying that both HWA and GRF are causing division in the PCG which is insane!  The conversation ended with my wife and myself getting suspended.  At the end he smiled at me as he made a sarcastic remark saying, if ever you would reconsider and decide to return, you may seek counsel from me and I will help you come back.  But I told him I am not interested to return and that I am shutting my door to the PCG.  I told him too that the very elect cannot be deceived!

Now I can say that I can never have the joy and satisfaction that I have being a part of the Last End Work by still continuing in the PCG.  There is an overflowing abundance of revelations coming from the Almighty Father through Jesus Christ being given to the Two Witnesses.   This is in stark contrast with the spiritual drought they have now in the PCG.  I am so sad that the majority of you brethren are still allowing yourself to be dictated upon by the foolish and rebellious ministers of the PCG.  I will always be praying  for you, asking God that He will cause you to wake up before it’s too late.  It is my wish that I will see all of you in the Place of Safety.


Hoping the best for all of you,

Cecilio “Loloy” Garces

PCG Leyte, Philippines


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