IMPERIAL ACADEMY Philippines Shuts Down Operations on September 4, 2015

2015-06-15 10_20_57-Capture

How true is the news that the source of pride of John Macdonald, the only branch of Imperial Academy outside of Edmond, Oklahoma closed down operations on September 4, 2015?  It is very true because no one can deny it.

Is it because Edmond, Oklahoma has finally realized the folly in operating an Imperial  Academy in the Philippines that is founded on the  pride and vanity of one of their senior ministers who wanted to establish a name for himself?  Or is it merely because of financial considerations or the fact that they can no longer continue subsidizing the operations of a school whose students are mostly children of members who are unable to pay the tuition fees and who even rely on financial  assistance from the Church for their subsistence.  Whatever it may be, it is clear that Edmond, OK have awakened to the fact that they have been tricked and duped by John Macdonald in approving the setting up of the school in the Philippines.

PCG Philippines is financially bankrupt.  In the same way, it is morally bankrupt as their ministers are responsible for the loss of membership and the moral  slide resulting from the way ministers are leading the people into a deep  spiritual slumber. PCG ministers give more focus in pursuing their interests in sports and having fun while the world outside is falling apart.

It’s a pity that the children have lost or wasted 2 years with IA since those 2 years will not be credited when they transfer to private of public schools. IA Philippines is not accredited by the Philippines’ Department of Education.

It’s a pity that families who were prodded to relocate from the provinces to Angeles City to support John Macdonald’s dream of having the only other Imperial  Academy outside of Edmond Ok will now have to go back to their respective domiciles.

It’s a pity that those who sacrificed their jobs  just to be able to serve as teachers and staff in IA will now have to think of finding new jobs at a very untimely season, just before the fall Festivals.  They will  have to wait until the Feast to start job hunting.   Meanwhile,  they will  have to make do with whatever savings  they have if any.

It’s really a bad news to a lot of people.  One thing PCG members should realize is that the Philadelphia Church of God is clearly UNDER A CURSE!   Members should come out of it to avoid the greater curse of destruction and eternal death to come soon

Mic 2:10  Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.