We need your help in locating this missing couple because we want to help them.

For a background, the couple in the picture are Mr. and Mrs. Melchizedek Tupas.  They were last seen at the Feast of Tabernacles in 2013.


The couple received the wrath of the former Regional Director of the PCG, John Macdonald due to a trivial incident that happened during the Feast.  During one of the services, Mel Tupas forgot to turn-off his mobile phone and unexpectedly, it sounded an alarm  which caught the attention of John Macdonald.  That made the man who is well known for his temper and harshness to give the couple the equivalent of capital punishment immediately.  They were suspended and not allowed to attend Church anymore after that Feast.  As called for by the Church’s unreasonable and much abused NO CONTACT POLICY, all the children of the couple who are in the Church were automatically prevented from having any contact with their parents.  They were to be treated like they don’t exist anymore or like they are dead already.  Consequently, the Tupas couple were abandoned, neglected and forsaken by their children to prove their loyalty and faithfulness to their ministers.  It is very saddening that they believe what their ministers teach that doing such act against their own blood and flesh parents is AN ACT OF LOVE!  What? How can they believe such a lie?  Do they really know God?  Do they really know what the Bible says?  Do the ministers have the authority to revise, revoke, rescind, repeal or annul the commandments of God?  What have they done to the  5th commandment?

Why did John Macdonald excommunicate Mr. and Mrs. Mel Tupas for a very flimsy and trivial reason?  Does one commit the unpardonable sin when his mobile phone rings in the midst of church services?  That couldn’t be the real reason, for sure.   There must be another reason for his harsh judgment on this couple.

The Tupas family are not really from Angeles city.  They are from Rizal, Palawan and they used to have a good life there.  All their children were born and raised as well as educated in Palawan.  Then things took a wild turn when John Macdonald started to pursue a dream of turning Angeles City into a little Edmond, Oklahoma.  He wanted to have Imperial Academy to have a branch in his turf. He dreamt of having the only other Imperial Academy outside of the US in his region and he saw Angeles City a feasible site.  Actually, the area does not have the population of families with little children to qualify for such a bid but he have known the Filipino psyche.  He knows he can make things happen because he knows he can easily control the Filipinos.  He has already gained the FEAR and REVERENCE of the entire church in the Philippine.  He has everyone under his fingertips.

He therefore started a relocation program wherein families and members from the provinces were prodded to transfer and live in Angeles City.  The children of Mr. and Mrs, Tupas were among the singles who were influenced to relocate to Angeles City as more and more people were being uprooted from their domiciles.  Later on, the Tupas couple was also prodded by John Macdonald to relocate in Angeles City while assuring them that finding a teaching job in the area is not a problem.  They were teachers by profession.  But time moved quickly and it became clear that with their age, finding a job have become impossible. Whereas they were self-sufficient earlier, their situation is about to turn them into people in need who would have to be assisted and become liabilities for the Church.  The Church has shown by the shockingly big number of poor and needy members who were expelled from the PCG due to very minor reasons that they don’t need members who are considered financial liabilities. The Tupas couple have fallen into that category and so an opportunity came up for John Macdonald to ease them out of his church.