Dear Brethren in PCG,

You might be surprised by what I will tell you here. After all the years that I have been in the PCG, I have come to realize that I cannot continue anymore as a member of this Church.  The PCG has changed and it is far too different now compared to what it was when I first joined in.  It is no longer the same happy church before where Sabbath fellowship is such an uplifting experience.  Coming to church in the PCG is more of a depressing experience than anything else.

The Church has become more like a prison where every move you make and every word you speak is being watched by ministers and members who act like prison guards.  The NO CONTACT POLICY has put so much dread in the mind of every member.  Hundreds have been put out of the Church with its indiscriminate application.  In my observation, the poor and needy amongst the brethren are mostly the victims of the merciless expulsions.  It appears that the NO CONTACT POLICY plus PCG MINISTERS is a very bad and vicious formula that’s meant to destroy the Church rather than build it up.  I feel sad for all the brethren who have been put out and for the families who have been ripped apart by the abusive government in PCG.

I thank God that he gave me the Book of Remembrance which was instrumental in removing the blindness in my eyes.  So now, I can happily leave the PCG because of the compassion and love that God has extended to me through His Last End Work.  May your eyes also see clearly the despicable state of the PCG today and follow the lead of God’s Holy Spirit instead.



Member, Cebu Congregation (Philippines)

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  1. “They lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men” and “Aha, aha! our eyes have seen it!” for all the SPYING and SETTING TRAPS is not at all beneficial but only profits frustration and MALICE

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