An Amazing Vindicating Miracle

Obviously you know after 13 years in the PCG I took a leave of absence from the church, even though I know this is the one true church and Mr. Gerald Flurry is the prophet whom I continue to support.

I have to say, after reading The Last End Book Of Remembrance it was an amazing vindicating miracle.  How those prophetic scriptures come alive.  I’ve seen all of this unfolding for the last 5 years.

I’ve seen ministerial brutality, the lack of love and unity, subtle changes and yes Paganism and manipulation.  People say history could not repeat itself in this church.  Well I say they deny the existence of Satan the devil.

I went to my Mother and tried to talk to her about things that were happening within the church and she also went to the ministry.  And after I counseled with Mr. Davis (one subject I had was my concern about the PCG spending millions in the land of Dan), I was told I had a Bad, Dissident, Laodicean attitude and was threatened with suspension.

So I stepped out in faith, and my wife and I stopped attending PCG worship services.

All I can do now is wait on God and follow Christ in faith because I know we are called and chosen, the very elect and no man can take that away from us.

Please keep me posted on any new developments.


Your brother in Christ,

Former PCG member

<name withheld>

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