A New Road to Follow

Greetings, …thanks for your most amiable letter inviting me into your group.
I am <name withheld>..a minister of Jesus Christ..ordained on <year withheld>..in the PCG.
I was a local elder..was put in charge of the <info withheld> work under <name of minister withheld> for six years…

Nevertheless..a new road to follow. And so now..God our Father has brought me
up from Nowhere up to Somewhere.From being No one up to being Someone.I keep repeating that to myself. I owe it to my Father God..whose mercy to us..rather than to others..won’t bear too critical examination..to stay assuming..if
for lack of understanding..to wear the uniform of who we are..begotten sons of God.

And now..we are on the road to Jerusalem..Jerusalem..which our God has chosen..in this evil time..we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
I Thank God our Father..for His Mercy

Much love,
PCG minister from the U.S.A.

<Name withheld>


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