“HOW OFTEN HAVE WE HEARD THAT ‘HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF’? It does – time and time again.” This is how the newly revised “The Former Prophets” book was introduced by Pastor General Gerald Flurry. But do we believe that statement? Does it really have some weight on it? With the recent acquisition of Edstone Hall to become the new home for the Herbert W. Armstrong college campus and regional office for the UK/Europe area, we need to “ASSESS THE ULTIMATE SIGNIFICANCE OF EVENTS” (as written by Manfred Weidhorn, in his book Sword and Pen, about Winston Churchill)…


  1. Phinehas Eleazar ss
    Days are flying quickly since I found your website last November.I lost some study time lately because of bad eyesight and in the past also since 1949 when my when my eyes were damaged by a smallpox shot History truly repeats itself as it has many times in my life. In 2013, July,I called a PCG minister Cal Culpper the regional director for Ohio to talk to him about need for me to pray for Flurry and him because of what GOD told Job to do,which I had done with other ministers in the past who would not send me an anointed cloth because l was not a member.I didn’t tell them I was a coworker since 1955.I was healed several times that way.. To get around the problem several times direct prayer worked.Also James tells us to pray for one and another which avails much.Combining these ideas worked several times. Earlier 2013 I was having problems standing.That’s why I called Culpeper.Mitehave been June.The nexday I went for a doctor check.The doctor said,What happened?you got muscles.This gave me enough time to close out a house.Then I got into many problems which continue to this day. I went to Hospital for Prostate biopsie,but being on blood thinner and not off of it long enough it to do the prosedsure. At my car parked tight to another in the parking lot when I picked up my walker to put it in my car I hit the steering wheel cannditiusing walker to fall down with hard pull causing rupture and something else that took till November 2013 to find. Sslix days in hospital. Two weeks later when to eye doctor for yearly checkup. I had cataracts in the past and had vision problems. For some reason this time I could read the smallest print. The doctor said he did not know why but just had precatarac condition.Come back in two years. Then in September I fall sideways when my walker slipped. I hurt my right arm and should,it felt like I broke my arm or should.Called doctor for xray on both,but she had it only on should which just showed swelling.Went to doctor said arthritis from falling.and old age.The pain got worse so I went to a sports doctor who had a very big xray to look at.He didn’t look good enough though.He said joint swelling indicates bursitis.Gave me a shot. Said pain will be gone in two weeks,if not come back.Pain got worse.Stopped at library for information on computer.Bad chair with wheels.Dropped something on floor.Turned my chair sideways to reach for it.Chair spring seat pushed me forward landing on my forehead without catching myself causing my head to bleed.Library shipped me to Hospital.Cat scan showed cancer tumer on top of lung into right side of neck into right arm

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