What’s Going On?

During the Ezekiel 4 siege, there are “unrulycaptains (ministers) who go from house to house and at times overthrow “whole houses” – terrorizing families in the Philadelphia Church of God or just simply provoking them to anger! It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you will have to experience their fierceness and “vain talking” whether on a Sabbath or during any of the feasts of God. And if they feel you are for them, well and good, but if not, then they shall send someone to spy on you and wait for an opportune time to pounce on you. But if you ask any of them if they are spying on you, they’ll just say, “No, we are not spying on you!” – they will tell a lie just to deceive you and themselves as well.

“For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.” (Titus 1:10-11).

Here is a sample letter of one of their victims, who eventually became one of the casualties of that spiritual SIEGE inside the PCG:

From: sheriff ali

Subject: Concerns from Trinidad

To: “Alex Harrison”

Cc: sseebran

Date: Friday, October 26, 2012, 4:39 PM

Hi Mr. Harrison, hope you are well, I thought I would write you a letter, informing you of some things that are going on in the Trinidad congregation that I think you should know about, I wanted to mention them to you for some time now, but kept putting it off thinking God would work things out, but as you and Mr. Flurry has always told us, your doors are always open, if members have any problems. I told Mr. Seebran that I would be talking to you and would copy him in, so we would all be on the same page.


Mr. Seebran gave  bible study last Sabbath, but they were less than 7 Scriptures given, the church knew that it was a corrective sermon geared towards putting down teens and singles, and once again creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation upon the membership. it started out very harshly, and was founded upon 85% correction, 10% instruction and 5% love, in fact one of the new members said she wanted to walk out of services, she said her unconverted daughter out of the church was far worse than our children in the church, yet she would never discourage them like how Mr. Seebran did.

Mr. Seebran keep on saying that all the singles and teens have an attitude problem, I believe he base that on how much they talk to each other as well as how they talk, all in all, a lot of things are blown way out of proportion, I hope you really investigate this and get to the bottom of it all.

I hope you listen to that tape, in the study Mr. Seebran said three main points, one that how singles hold a beer bottle reveals an attitude not becoming a God, two, he said how girls take their picture also reveals an attitude and third he said singles and teens should not talk to each other only at services, but should go and talk to adults, but how can they do this is he sets a bad example. Ask him when the last time he spoke to the singles and teens was.

As I said he started the study very fired up and came across harshly, about 5 minutes into his study the deacon Mr. Patrick Ramlochan was given a note to quickly take up to the podium, written by Mrs. Seebran which Mr. Seebran read out loud to the church, it said “Some of them are laughing” as if she wanted to say to all of us “shut up and listen” it was intimidating to say the least.


Fact: When new members start to attend services, the advice they get is “Don’t say anything bad about Mr. Seebran’s daughter because he gets hot under the collar” Mr. Thomas Mussio was the last person to tell me that, just ask him.

Mr. Wayne Dawson, when he just came into the church, was invited to the Seebran’s home and afterwards told me during casual conversation that Diana Seebran runs that family, she is the real boss and her father is a puppet.

Mr. Paul Ritz, a member that lives in Chicago came here for a FOT and said Diana Seebran runs the church here.

Mr. Seebran likes to hear and know what people talk about, as if we should have no freedom of expression in God’s Church, so he ‘recruited’ a child, a single, to go and listen to the conversations of the singles and teens and report back to him, that single is only 20 years old and his name is Keith Mulchan. Ask any single or teen.

Mr. Seebran said from the podium, without remorse that he has people, adults, which tell him what is going on. Does this mean we are supposed to be fearful of expressing our views, and fellowshipping would now move from a ‘IRON SHARPENS IRON’ to a ‘be careful what you say thing’

Mr. Seebran allows his daughter to get away with a lot in the church, just ask random members, and the only way they would not say something is because they are afraid.

Diana Seebran carries about herself like her father owns the church, her attitude of loud arrogant wild laughter, hip hugging, tight fitting clothes that leave little to the imagination, as well as put down and one liners meant to belittle others, while her father and mother does nothing about it, is a sad expression as to what God’s church in Trinidad has come to. But don’t believe me, come and hear from random members for yourself. She was counseled by her father for baptism, and baptized by him also, but I must say, if she is converted, I would be surprised. She acts as carnal can be.

The members are so afraid of being suspended that they just put up with anything, and attitudes of the Seebran family. We equate speaking out logically about decisions made by Mr. Seebran with being put out of the Kingdom, this fear has turned to paranoid.

Mr. Seebran called me last night and told me my son Adam Ali was suspended for one month, he did not call Adam, I guess I am supposed to tell him. I asked him for the reason, he told me it was because Adam was on Facebook, I asked him how is that a valid reason for suspension, he then said that is was more than that, he said in his opinion Adam was not serious about his calling and he sees an attitude that he does not like, and does not talk “Sabbath things” on Sabbaths, by the way, he said this about almost all the teens and singles in the church, I told him his reasoning is flawed, and I’m saying that if that is his reasoning for suspension that maybe all the members should be suspended I even told him that almost all adults, not only in Trinidad but all around the world do not talk only “holy Sabbath thing” at services, He told me “that is just how it is, and his judgment is final” He has not yet given me a scriptural reason of Adam’s suspension. Is that how Christ rules his Church?

He then told me all the singles and teens would have to counsel with him during the month long suspension, and he would counsel them like adults, and based on what they say, they would be allowed to attend services again. I guess they would have to say what he wants to hear. Is that intimidation or what?

How can any minister treat children who do not have God’s spirit as adults, and expects, and even demand they act like one?

Adam asked me why he was suspended and I told him it was because he talked to his school friends on Facebook, (friends, not Laodiceans) maybe the way he holds his beer bottle, but that can’t be it because he doesn’t drink beer, or maybe because he rarely carries out ‘holy’ conversations, or maybe because Mr. Seebran just does not like him, his so called attitude  or the way he talks very much, I don’t really know because Mr. Seebran cannot and would not give me a straight answer.

Mr. Harrison, our members and their children are good people, we don’t cause division, we believe in the doctrines in the church, we back up and support Mr. Flurry and HQ, we sit quietly and listen to the messages, yet Mr. Seebran told me that our children must grow like adults, speak like them and act like them to remain in the church. Is that how it is with people who do not have God’s sprit? I told Mr. Seebran that Mr. Armstrong never said that, in fact we know that everyone grows at different rate, but Mr. Seebran told me “Well that’s just how it is.”

Mr. Seebran, if you have read this far down in this letter. I just want to say to you that something has changed in you, as a shepherd, if you are supposed to have us follow you as you follow Christ, you are failing, I believe a lot of your decisions are bias, based on your own personal imperfect feelings, and I don’t know what is driving them, and sadly you don’t even see it. I for one would not like to follow your example, I do not hate you, I respect you, but I believe you need a wakeup call on how you handle the Church of God.


I know you will try and fight everything I’ve said here, because I know having yourself and your family be seen in a certain good way, means more to you than a members eternal life, and maybe I will be out of the church after this letter, but some things just needed to be said, I hope HQ checks this out, and really talk to the members and prove all things.

Mr. Robin Sirjoosingh told me once that if there is one thing Mr, Seebran cannot take is correction, that is true, but please prove me wrong.

Mr. Seebran’s sister said that he runs this church like he ran his former, as if he and his family are up there and we are all down here.

I believe you should make an emergency trip to Trinidad to prove if all this is true, because the membership is slowly being discouraged. God’s Church is supposed to be a place of refuge, not a judgmental court, based on what a minister’s personal views and opinions are.


Sheriff Ali

This account is just one of the many stories that have happened all over the world – many of God’s people are baffled and puzzled as to why all of these things are taking place inside the Philadelphia Church of God.

Here’s another letter from one of the PCG members that is seeking for answers – the reason they resorted to the Exit Support Network (ESN) website:

A Lot of Changes Are Going on in PCG

:April 12, 2013

The word is out with the members; people in the PCG are definitely reading your website (ESN). But they won’t come forth about it because no one wants to be told to leave because of being on a “dissident” website. Everyone (who chooses to remain with PCG) knows what that means, no longer being able to see family members anymore. Yet, they all know young Grant Turgeon [son of Wayne Turgeon] certainly didn’t have to pay any major consequence for his actions [of contacting ESN]. Not only reading “dissident” literature but making repeated contact. Members thought HQ, of course, no one being perfect, but they do “pride” themselves as setting the proper example.

So “yes,” the members are asking, “What’s going on”?

Thank you again for all you do. — Simply concerned

Whats going on


“What’s going on?” – This very same question coming from the Church’s lay members around the world was already prophesied long ago by the prophet Ezekiel:

“Then the people said to me, ‘Will you not tell us what these things mean for us, that you are acting this way?’” (Ezek. 24:19, RSV).

It’s like saying, “Why does Mr. Flurry seem not to care for God’s wife – those Church members who are being taken away with a stroke (slaughter in Strong’s, v.16) by the spiritual heart (ministry)? And what does it mean for God’s people?”

“Thus saith the Lord GOD; BEHOLD I WILL PROFANE MY SANCTUARY” (v. 21)

But why has God profaned His sanctuary? – Because to God’s people in the PCG, the Church BECAME “the excellency of their strength, the desire of their eyes, and that which their soul delights”. It has already come to a point where the people have once again focused on the sanctuary rather than they should have focused on God – to be the “excellency of their strength, the desire of their eyes, and that which their soul delights.” Do we not wonder why God’s house, the Armstrong Auditorium was completed and inaugurated on the very day Mr. Flurry’s wife died, EXACTLY 6 years later on September 5, 2010? This is not a COINCIDENCE but a DIVINE PLANNED INCIDENCE to picture the sanctuary – the Philadelphia Church of God!

The city of God, spiritual Jerusalem is SMITTEN and UNDER SIEGE by the spiritual terrorists! (Ezek. 33:21, Jude 12)

And through the duration of that spiritual siege, there have been several casualties – even Mr. Flurry noticed that there was an average of 100 brethren every year at the feast that has been leaving and/or being removed from the Church altogether. Some have also died by the spiritual sword: the captains (ministers) at several occasions wield the spiritual sword in the neck of the people – their sons and daughters whom they committed were prevented from attending Church services and made to read several books of the PCG – and those who cannot hold their ground and defend themselves eventually “fall by the sword.” (Ezek. 24:21). And little did the people know that God is distressing Ariel – the altar and lion of God (Isaiah 29).


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