“Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices” (Isaiah 29:1)

The word “sacrifice” is from the Hebrew word chag (H2282) which also means a festival, solemn feast day, while the word “kill” is H5362 which also means, circulate, go round.

To better understand what God meant with these words in connection to the expression of grief (“Woe to Ariel”), let us read from the Amplified Bible:

“…Add yet another year; let the feasts run their round [but only one year more].”

Does it mean that this “woe” in verse 1 is connected to a solemn feast day? Let us consider briefly: as discussed here, God’s festivals are calculated once Tishri 1 (Feast of Trumpets) is determined.

(O)nce the new moon (or molad) is determined for the month called Tishri (the seventh month), the Feast of Trumpets (to be observed on the first day of the seventh month) is adjusted according to certain rules…

Once these rules for the calendar were made public, anyone could determine the first day of the month of Tishri. …The holy days for the rest of the year and the next year could then be determined by calculation. Passover is always 164 days before Trumpets. Atonement is 9 days after Trumpets, on Tishri 10, etc. These rules demonstrate that God places greater importance on His holy days than He does on the calendar. John Kossey summed it up this way: “Instead of the sacred festivals being subordinate to the Hebrew calendar the latter serves the holy days.” (by Stephen Flurry and Mark Nash, God’s Sacred Calendar Part 2)

See how important Tishri 1 or the Feast of Trumpets is in determining the dates of the other holy days? In principle, all of God’s festivals are anchored on the Feast of Trumpets. So what if Tishri 1 is wrongly determined? Then it follows that all of the preceding and succeeding holy days will be off track as well. 

Now let’s consider again the 2013 Feast of Tabernacles: the scheduled date it has to be observed is on September 19-25.

PCG calendar2

In the article, “God has Caused the Solemn Feasts to be Forgotten we have already proven that it did not fall in its proper season. And since the observance of that feast begins at the evening of September 18, then it follows that the supposedly great fall harvest festival is still very much in the SUMMER SOLSTICE which is FOUR DAYS prior to the actual autumnal equinox on the evening of September 22, 2013! Thus, half of the Feast of Tabernacles will be observed during the end of the summer season while the other half at the revolution of the year! THIS IS NO SMALL ERROR! AND GOD IS VERY MUCH AWARE OF IT!

But how did that error happen? It has everything to do with the determination of Tishri 1 of 2013. And what date was it?

SEPTEMBER 5, 2013!

Does it ring a bell? It was the death anniversary of Mrs. Barbara Flurry! God keeps on mirroring that date. Do we know why? So we can REMEMBER.

Now, how will God correct that error? The answer is in the latter part of Isaiah 29:1;

“Add year to year; let the feasts run their round.” (RSV)

This verse seems to be a bit obscure and impossible to achieve – adding year to another year? To better understand, let us consider this first:

Notice Exodus 34:22: “And thou shalt observe … the feast of ingathering at the year’s end.” In most Bible margins, that last phrase reads, “at the revolution of the year.” The Hebrew word for revolution is tequfah and is used specifically for the equinoxes or solstices. This passage in Exodus is referring to God’s holy days and how they are to be kept in their seasons. The feast of ingathering, also called the Feast of Tabernacles, pictures the great fall harvest and therefore occurs every year in the fall. This verse says THE FEAST IS TO OCCUR at the TURN OF THE YEAR, which means AT OR AFTER THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, which normally occurs on September 23... (ibid.)

Now look at the phrase, “let the feasts run their round,” – basing from what we have read, this must mean “LET THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES OCCUR AT THE REVOLUTION OF THE YEAR.” You get it? It means we must let the feasts run AT OR AFTER THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, and if it does not fall at the revolution of the year, make a correction by adding another set of annual festivals, this time, within the autumnal equinox. This must mean one whole set of annual festivals must be added on top of the one that has been scheduled for that particular year only (i.e., 2013). As the Amplified Bible renders it:

“…Add yet another year; let the feasts run their round [but only one year more].”

Remember that the occurrence of this phenomenon will happen ONLY in the year 2013. The next time this error will occur will take more than a hundred years. The last time it happened was in the year 1899 which could very well be in the Sardis era yet. So this is a once in a lifetime error that God has allowed at this specific time to fulfill His will.

Now, look at the list of the annual feasts for 2013 – the scheduled Holy Days the PCG is currently observing (left) added with another set of annual festivals with each feast falling in their correct seasons (right).

Holy Days for 2013

There is no way any person could add one year to an existing year except only when it applies to God’s annual festivals. And this is God’s way of correcting the error! Remember, this error was rooted in September 5, 2013 being the erroneous molad of Tishri! That is why the prophet Isaiah pronounced: “Woe to Ariel (PCG ministry), to Ariel (Jerusalem of the Middle East)!” Again, notice that the “woe” is in the context of the feasts in its proper revolution or equinox. Both the spiritual and physical Ariel has made an error (yet in God’s mercy, at least a handful of Jews knew the correct feast dates for 2013). Consider an interesting remark from Adam Clarke’s Commentary:

“Add ye year to year” – …Probably delivered at the time of some great feast, when they were thus employed.

The first delivery of this message (via email) was on September 5, 2013 which is the Feast of Trumpets and a CD copy was sent to the PCG Headquarters, Edmond Oklahoma on the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles 2013. (It was scheduled to have arrived on September 30, 2013 – the day the US government shut down. Another one was sent via email on October 5, 2013). God will be justified in the sight of all His people during His appointed time. Let’s continue, this time from Lange’s Commentary:

First of all, the question presents itself, whether the words contain an indefinite or a definite statement of time. If the declaration of time be indefinite, the occurrence of the calamity would be placed in prospect at a point of time incalculably remote. …Thereby, however, the effect of the prophecy on those living at the time of its delivery would be neutralized. For they could indulge the hope that the catastrophe would not affect them. The design of the Prophet could not be to produce such an impression. We must therefore assume that the Prophet wishes to indicate by these words an interval at least approximately defined, and a point of time not very remote, but rather relatively near (as 32:10). The meaning then would be: Add to the present year ANOTHER year, and let ANOTHER annual revolution of festivals be completed

Now notice carefully, the prophet Isaiah made sure that this adding of one year to the present year has to happen only for a certain defined time to convey to Ariel that the “woe” is relatively near and not far in the future.

Let’s consider an interesting phrase: “let them kill sacrifices” (v. 1)

Since we know already that the word sacrifice also means solemn feast day; now, is it just a coincidence that every annual feasts many of God’s people around the world have been spiritually slaughtered?

Remember in a 2011 sermon given by Mr. Flurry, he has already noticed that an average of 100 brethren every year at the feast has been leaving and/or being removed from the Church. Could this also be a specific fulfillment of the prophecy in verse 1 – “let them kill sacrifices” every annual feasts?

God has Caused the Solemn Feasts to be Forgotten

Ariel, The Altar and Lion of God



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