3.5-magnitude earthquake shakes Edmond, Armstrong Auditorium

Edmond earthquake

EDMOND, Okla. – According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, there were 13 earthquakes in Oklahoma on Sunday. The largest was one that registered 3.5-magnitude on the Richter scale at 5:25 pm in Edmond. The epicenter was in a neighborhood just northwest of the intersection of Sorghum Mill and Coltrane. Pat Griffin felt it in the Oak Tree addition. Griffin said, “I went outside to see if there was a meteor in the yard.” She says she was watching television when everything started shaking, and she wasn’t immediately sure what had happened to her home. Griffin said, “I’m serious, the walls vibrated and the floor felt like it was vibrating also.” Nearby, Teresa Brekke was having the same experience. “I’m looking all around and I couldn’t find an intruder, you know, any reason for it. And I thought is this one of these earthquakes that we’ve been having that I’ve not felt?” said Brekke. “I hear this thunderous sound like pots and pans and the house was like … it really frightened me.” The 50-foot high glass walls of the Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond were just a half mile from the quake’s epicenter. Shane Granger, the house manager, said, “The folks who were in the lobby just said the windows just really shook.” The staff was busy counting every one of the 70,000 Swarovski crystals dangling from the stunning chandeliers in the lobby. Granger said, “We’ve been through the whole auditorium and, as far as we can tell, there’s no damage. We’ve checked everything and initially it looks okay.” So far, no damage has been discovered in Edmond. Griffin said, “It was a little scary but then yet, we were fine. Nothing fell on us.” According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey’s website, there have been 93 earthquakes in our state over the last week.

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