In Habakkuk 2:18 we can read a seeming vague prophecy: “What profiteth the graven image that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and a teacher of lies, that the maker of his work trusteth therein, to make dumb idols?” This is what Matthew Henry Commentary wrote regarding verse 18:

“What profits the graven image?It is so far from profiting them that it puts a cheat upon them, and keeps them under the power of a strong delusion; they say, It shall teach, but it is a teacher of lies …An image is a DOCTRINE of vanities; it is falsehood, and a WORK of errors, Jer. 10:8, Jer. 10:14, Jer. 10:15.”

There is indeed a STRONG DELUSION and the people in God’s Church believe a TEACHER OF LIES whose doctrines are all vanities, falsehood and errors.

Contrast that “teacher of lies” to that of “teacher of righteousness” in Joel 2:23. It seems that there are indeed two different sets of hands that forms and shapes an image – “the teacher of lies” who forms and shapes through their own human nature to conform unto the image of Satan; while “the teacher of righteousness” who forms and shapes through God’s Holy Spirit to conform unto the image of God the Father.

There is somewhat an intriguing word in this verse, let’s look at the word “molten”, in Strong’s:

H4541. maccekah; from H5258; a pouring over, i.e. fusion of metal especially a cast image; by implication a libation, i.e. league; a coverlet as if poured out:–covering, molten image, vail.

H5258. nacak; a prim. root; to pour out, especially a libation, or to cast metal; by analogy to anoint a king:–cover, melt, offer, cause to pour out, set up.

Does this “molten image” spoken of by the prophet Habakkuk could be speaking of an anointing of a king? If that would be the context, then it does seem to indicate here that there is some kind of a king-making-scheme to which the priests are involved in creating. (This could also be the king and the priest tandem that is being mentioned in Lamentations 2:6.) This king-making-scheme being formed and shaped by those idol priests could very well be the profit or the benefit of having a graven image. But what is that “graven image”?

The “graven image” as Matthew Henry Commentary suggests: “is a doctrine of vanities, it is falsehood and a work of errors.” Could it be referring to the “work in Bricket Wood in England and in Ireland” by which the very hands of the idol priests were responsible for fashioning it? That after they have fashioned it, they will submit to that falsehood and work of errors – the graven image which they will give their full trust and confidence. Remember that that “graven image” is also a doctrine of vanities (see also Jer. 4:15 and Zech. 10:2).

In 1 Kings 12:20 we can read of its principle; “And it came to pass, when all Israel heard that Jeroboam was come again, that they sent and called him unto the congregation, and made him king over all Israel: there was none that followed the house of David, but the tribe of Judah only.” It was the leaders of the ten tribes of Israel that made Jeroboam their king. A “molten image” could also refer to giving a position to any man without God’s real anointing and blessings. (See 1 Tim. 5:22)

Could it also be possible that these idol priests in God’s Church were the ones who have convinced That Prophet that by having the title of an APOSTLE, he could then automatically have the authority to “bind and loose” just like Mr. Armstrong? This seems to be a “doctrine of falsehood” as well on their end, which again is equivalent to a “graven image.

We must remember that it was the Apostle Peter that was given by God the authority to bind and loose since he was the chief apostle (Matt. 16:18-19). The other apostles were NEVER given that same kind of authority as he had, not even John the beloved, the disciple who leaned on Jesus’ bosom. And like the Apostle Peter, Mr. Armstrong in this end time was given the authority to bind and loose because God “restored all things” through him – which in actual fact, it was Christ coming in the flesh through him and did the restoration to the Church. Here is what Mr. Flurry wrote:

No minister on Earth today has the authority Mr. Armstrong had. No one else has accomplished what God has done through him. (Ezra and Nehemiah – Building God’s Temple, p. 18)

But what could have been the probable reason behind the prodding of these idol priests? So that everything that these idol priests will suggest to Mr. Flurry, once he approved of it will have to be binding (or so they thought). Now, look closely at how the idol priests have fashioned this “graven image” –

Jeremiah Musical at Armstrong Auditorium

Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it”:

  1. They have produced a musical about the life of Jeremiah the prophet
  2. They have convinced Mr. Flurry to have a feast site in Ireland (2013)
  3. They gave a counsel to Mr. Flurry convincing him to re-open the Bricket Wood college campus and establish an office there in England.
  4. They plan to have an archeological dig in Ireland to possibly get the Ark of the Covenant

One might ask, has God really approved of such a work in Bricket Wood and also in Ireland? Could Mr. Armstrong’s stamp of approval be found in it? Will it be binding? In God’s view, He considers it as “dumb idols” or “dumb nothings”! (Hab. 2:18) There is only one signet of God and that is the end time Zerubbabel – Mr. Armstrong!


Why does God say He made this end-time Zerubbabel a signet? Unger’s Bible Dictionary defines signet as “an impression made that had the same legal validity as an actual signature.” The law is what makes a signature valid. People must submit to that law or everything breaks down. So the law and government established through a type of Zerubbabel is like God’s own signature today! …Only those who submit to God’s law will understand what the signet is. “Without a seal, no document is considered authentic” (ibid). Before any work is authentic, we must have God’s rule – His government. Having that government also assures that the other doctrines included in the Zerubbabel signet are not tainted. Our work today revolves around what God did through Herbert W. Armstrong, who is now dead. If we are not building on God’s Work through Mr. Armstrong, we are being deceived. …The whole idea of the signet is about God and His government. God reveals the signet’s meaning only to those who submit to His government. The signet is an emblem or seal of authority. God’s authority. Zerubbabel is the signet, but he is God’s signet. We use that signet or seal to establish what God taught through Mr. Armstrong. The only reason you need the signet is if the person in authority is not there. The seal represents God’s authority or government. (Haggai: God Has Begun To Shake The Nations, pp. 2-3)

As Mr. Flurry wrote that “If we are not building on God’s Work through Mr. Armstrong, we are being deceived;” now one may ask, “Does establishing a work in Ireland has precedence when Mr. Armstrong was alive?” If there’s none, then we are being deceived! And this is a very strong delusion indeed! (Jer. 4:10) Mr. Flurry wrote in his book, Malachi’s Message:

If we fail to hold on to God’s past instructions, we will be easily deceived…” (p. 19)

Are the ministers in the PCG still holding on to past instructions?

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